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"A quart of ale is a dish for a king." - William Shakespeare

Monday, January 14, 2008

It's Winter Beer Fest time again! For those of you who are new to this fabulous fest, it is our opportunity to collectively thumb our noses at old man winter by gathering in big tents to sample some of the best big, high-gravity, cask and barrel aged beers on the planet.

But don't worry, even though the event is outside in Michigan in February, it is suprisingly warm and toasty in the beer tent (the big beers help a bit as well).
We outgrew our previous location so this year the festival will be held at the Fifth Third Ballpark (home of the Whitecaps) in Comstock Park, MI - just outside of Grand Rapids. That means More space, more potties, more entrances and bigger tents.

Once again, Arbor Brewing Company will be providing bus service to and from the festival. The festival is Saturday, February 23 from noon to 5 pm. Enthusiast hour will be from 11-12. The bus will depart Corner Brewery at 8:00 and will depart Arbor Brewing Company at 8:30. Doors to the pubs will open 30 minutes prior to departure time. Departure times are firm so come early! We will provide complimentary carry-out coffee and bagels at Arbor Brewing Company for all passengers. The bus will depart for the return trip at 5:30.

Tickets for the bus are on sale now at both Arbor Brewing and Corner Brewery. Tickets are available for an early-bird price of $30 now through the end of the month and for $35 beginning Feb 1. We only have a limited number of tickets (50) so don't wait until the last minute! Tickets can be purchased over the phone with a credit card (Arbor Brewing Company 213-1393 or Corner Brewery 480-2739) or in person at either bar. Tickets are not location specific so you can purchase tickets at either location and board at either location.

All tickets are pre-purchased and non-refundable but if we can re-sell your seat we will refund your ticket. Tickets to the festival should be available soon. I don't know who exactly will be there or how many tokens you get so please direct festival-specific questions to the MI Brewers Guild special events coordinator specialevents@michigan[nospam] For questions regarding the bus, please contact Beth at Arbor Brewing at 213-1393 or Monica at Corner Brewery at 480-2739.