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"A quart of ale is a dish for a king." - William Shakespeare

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Senator Stabenow Samples Some Suds at the Brewery

Debbie Stabenow spent about an hour meeting with locals at the Corner Brewery last night. She spoke for a few minutes about the important issues in this election and her goals and priorities for her next term.

But most of her time was spent hearing about the concerns of local citizens and beer drinkers and posing for a lot of pictures. Congressman Dingell and State Representative Alma Wheeler Smith were also on hand along with many local elected officials.

Last week Corner patrons had the opportunity to meet with Amos Williams who is running for attorney general. Many thinks to County Commissioner Ronnie Peterson and soon-to-be Commissioner Ken Schwartz for organizing these events at the brewery!

We are hoping to host a very special guest Monday night Nov 6 and will post any information on this very blog as soon as we have confirmation.

Locals - please come and hang with us on election night as we celebrate with Ypsilanti Mayor-elect Paul Schreiber and watch the election results roll in. Or join us in Ann Arbor where we will be celebrating with State Representative elect Rebekah Warren at Arbor Brewing Company. Corner Brewery will be staying open late on election night. (Arbor will be open until 1:00 am as usual).